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Flooring Trends 2021

There is no doubt that there are always trends. From flooring and tile, to architectural details in a space. What makes a successful design is being aware of the trends, being able to predict their trend lifetime, and be able to make choices that will be exciting, yet timeless. So a common question is, "What's trending?". I am going to let you in on the flooring trends of 2021, eliminating the question of if you're on the right path, or to guide you in the right direction for your project this year.

Oh, honey!! A common statement I hear is that clients live in homes where honey oak was used for flooring, but also used for all the trim work around doors and windows, as well as for the base. It all of a sudden becomes a question of whether to get rid of it all and replace it with more modern materials such as MDF or painted flat profile wood, or, keep it and tie it in. Well, the perfect solution to that is choosing a blonde oak or blonde oak combination product. It is the perfect way to pick up the golden hues of the traditional honey oak through the home, as well as bring a modern aesthetic to the space. With the products available ranging from hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate and vinyl plank, the options are truly endless.

I want to share with you my current favourite product to use which can be used in a new project, or one which requires incorporating some 'honey'. The vinyl/laminate combination product is made by Oasis Flooring, it is from their Cascade collection. Apple Butter Oak is the perfect product that brings warmth, a cozy feel, and a modern look.

Oasis - Apple Butter Oak

Now, lets not forget, flooring can be installed in various patterns to create excitement and texture in a space, past the product itself. Some popular install patterns are stack bond, random lay, brick lay, herringbone, double herringbone, and square basket (the ol' parquet style). Some of the oldest buildings in architecture showcase a herringbone flooring install, and it is still just as beautiful today as it was then. We can surely appreciate the work of detailed artisans from history when we see their work still exist today. The product below is from the Divine Flooring Farmhouse collection, and the product is called Vernazza. The beauty of this is that it uses variations of hues and saturation to create a dynamic result. This flooring was used in the project below. The husband and wife of the project could not agree on going light or dark, so, we did both, giving the best of both worlds! Adding a herringbone inlay from entry way to fireplace created a focal point to the grand floor to ceiling stone fireplace. An emphasis was brought towards the grand great room and the seating space which occupies the area in front of the gorgeous feature.

Project by Design Concept Interiors - Designed by Kayla Lindgren

Images courtesy of Divine Flooring


When designing your project, it is worth it to seek the help of a professional to help guide you in the right direction, avoiding costly mistakes. Often, what we think might look good in our space ends up arguing with other elements. As a design professional, I have helped many clients on a simple level of guiding them towards the right finishes and colours for their project so that they can feel confident in the end result without fearing it will snowball into changing everything. Typically, you can purchase the time of an interior design professional for the cost of a consultation, where you can present all your questions and hear the reasoning behind their suggestions!

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